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Choosing quality earphones at a very low price range can be difficult. In most cases, cheap earphones under 500 pesos ($10) will give you poor sound quality, or a “tunog lata” experience. But cheap things don’t need to be low quality. That’s why I created this guide. This will help you find the best sounding earphones in the Philippines under Php 500.

Top 5 Best Sounding Wired Earphones Under 500 pesos

Here are the top 5 list of decent quality earphones you can buy from Shopee and Lazada. The list is based on my experience and reviews of other buyers. These earphones have the best sound on top of their cheap prices. This list also comes with different earphone designs, so you can pick the style that fits your taste.

  1. TRN MT1
  2. KZ EDX
  3. TRN CS1
  4. QKZ VK4

Top 5: Xiaomi Piston Fresh

Number 5 on our list is Xiaomi Piston Fresh. It is the cheapest entry-level earphone from Xiaomi, a well-known brand that offers high-quality products. Even at its price, Xiaomi Piston Fresh can offer clear and detailed sounds. It also has a premium-looking aluminum housing and a durable rounded cable.

In terms of features, Piston fresh offers rubberized cable that prevents cable tangling. This earphone contains one-button control that lets you play/pause music, skip songs, and answer/reject a call. Thanks to its silicone ear tips, this earphone has good sound isolation. The ambient noise in the surrounding will be greatly reduced.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Product Specifications:

Product link: Xiaomi Piston Fresh 3 (Shopee)
Price Range: P190 – P250
Sound Signature: Balance
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Cable length: 1.25m
Earphone type: In-ear
Plug: Straight Plug

Top 4: QKZ VK4

qkz vk4

If you’re a fan of bassy earphones, QKZ VK4 HiFi earphones can be a great choice for you. The small speakers of this earphone can output boomy bass that you can truly feel and enjoy. Although it focused more on bass, you can still hear the clarity on the mids and highs.

The design of the QKZ VK4 features a semi-transparent colored shell with a triangular QKZ logo. Its outer shell is made of plastic, so you can’t really feel the premium vibe in this earphone. The advantage of having an entirely plastic build is comfortability. Because it is light to the ears, you can use it for a long time without fatigue. Additionally, it comes with a detachable cable you can easily replace or upgrade.

QKZ VK4 Product Specifications:

Product link: QKZ VK4 – Shopee
Price Range: P485
Sound Signature: U-Shape / Warm / More on bass
Frequency Response: 20-40,000Hz (Advertised)
Cable length: 1.2m
Earphone type: In-ear
Plug: L-type

Top 3: TRN CS1

TRN CS1 is another budget chi-fi earphone you can buy on Shopee. This earphone offers a premium minimalist design with its black metal shell.

For the sound quality, CS1 can output lively and impactful bass and sub-bass. It can deliver detailed mid and highs, especially in the treble.

TRN CS1 Product Specifications:

Product link: TRN CS1
Price Range: P320-P380
Sound Signature: V-Shape / Fun sounding
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Cable length: 1.25m
Earphone type: In-ear
Plug: Straight Cable

Top 2: KZ EDX

kz edx

Here is my top 2, the KZ EDX. Personally, I use this earphone as my daily driver. The build quality of this earphone is superb for its price. It comes with a detachable braided cable and an L-type plug. You will also not be disappointed with its design because it looks premium. It offers 3 varieties of colors: black, white, and transparent shell.

KZ EDX can also output high-quality sound on its speakers. It can output powerful bass and crystal clear detailed sounds. I’m sure you can enjoy movies and games with this earphone because it has good imaging and soundstage.

KZ EDX Product Specifications:

Product link: KZ EDX
Price Range: P399
Sound Signature: V-Shape / More Highs & Treble
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Cable length: 1.25m
Earphone type: In-ear
Plug: L-type

Top 1: TRN MT1

Last but not least – TRN MT1. It is the most popular budget earphones under 500 pesos among several audio groups on Facebook. For its price, many users saying that this is better than the previous earphones that I mentioned earlier.

The sound of this earphone is balanced, but with warm bass sounding, and good details on mid and highs.

TRN MT1 Product Specifications:

Product link: TRN MT1
Price Range: P239-P288
Sound Signature: U-Shape / Warm
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Cable length: 1.25m
Earphone type: In-ear
Plug: L-type

Earphones under 500 pesos Bonus: VIDO Earbuds

Not a fan of In-Ear earphones? Try this cheap earbud from VIDO! It offers a classic earphone design similar to the old earphones you can get on keypad phones.

The sound of this earphone is balanced, but you can improve the bass by using foam ear tips.

VIDO Product Specifications:

Product link: VIDO Earbuds
Price Range: P84-P147
Sound Signature: Warm / Balance
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Cable length: 1.25m
Earphone type: In-ear
Plug: Straight Plug


The earphone list in this article is proof that having a good audio experience is possible without breaking your wallet. If you’re still planning to buy a new earphone under 500 pesos consider using our list as your guide.

What is the best cheapest earphone for you? Do you have any suggestions? Post it down in the comment section! 😄

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