How to get a free email for custom domain with IMAP/POP3/SMPT support

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Email is one of the most important assets of every online business. It will help a company to communicate, make interactions, and even make a strong relationship with their clients. If your web hosting provider does not include email hosting, not supporting a third-party email client, or emails always goes to the SPAM folder, you may consider choosing a free email hosting provider like Gmail to get an email account for your business. But if you use an email like [email protected], it may give you a bad impression and may lead to fewer conversions.

If you are still looking for the best free email for domain, you’re in the right place! I will guide you on how to get a free email that works on a custom domain name. This guide is powered by Yandex Mail, a reliable email service. If you are not familiar with this email provider, let me have a brief introduction about this company (hmm, their service is very popular, if you already know it then you’re free to skip the introduction and proceed to the main guide).

So let’s start!

What is Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is a free feature-rich email service which powered by Yandex [Russian: Яндекс] – one of the largest search engine in the world. Yandex mail is popular and widely used in Russia. It offers unlimited email storage, spam and ad-free emails, IMAP/POP3/SMPT support, custom domains and much more! One of its best features is Yandex mail for domains which enables you to use your own domain for your email.

Yandex Mail for Custom Domain Features

Unlimited Email Storage – Get unlimited space for your inbox! Received unlimited emails and keep them without worrying about the space you use. The Yandex free mail gives you 10GB email storage after signup and as soon that it will be full, they will add additional 1GB.

Set up to 1000 mailboxes – This service is also generous in terms of mailboxes. Instead of one email id like “[email protected]”, it will give you more id’s (up to 1000) that you can share with your employees, friends, and etc. If you’re running a business, 1000 mailboxes will be more than enough to setup a bulk business email addresses. Is it awesome, right?

SPAM and AD free experience – Yes! Unlike Gmail, Yandex does not put any ads on their interface and emails! They have a powerful spam filter technology that will help you to get rid of infected, malware and spam emails.

IMAP, POP3, and SMPT Support – If you are using Zoho mail, you may feel discomfort on their service because they do not support this feature on newly registered users. So if you need this feature, Yandex mail is for you! Yandex for custom domains supports these three protocols, which means you have a freedom to use your email account on other email software or applications.

Guide to setup free email for custom domains

Setting up a free email that works on custom domain is very easy. Just follow this simple guide:

1. Register for a Yandex Account

In order to create an custom email address on Yandex, you must have a passport (account) on their website. To sign up for an account, just visit the registration page and fill the needed information, then click Register.
For full info, you can visit their tutorial by visiting this link.

2. Sign in

After creating an account, make sure that you are already signed in.
To sign in, just click here and enter your username and your password.
You’ll be automatically redirected to Domain Connect Page.

3. Adding your domain

For you to be able to use Yandex Mail [for domains], you must connect your domain name to their service. To add your domain simply put your website address on the textbox and click “Connect Domain”.

4. Verifying your domain ownership

For the security reasons and to avoid frauds, they require you to verify your ownership on the domain that you have submitted. This will prove that the website address really belongs to you. Here, I will present two recommended methods that will help you to verify your domain.

Method 1. Verifying your domain via CNAME record (recommended)
To set up this, you must go on DNS Manager of your hosting. If you are using Cloudflare, go to DNS Section.) See picture for reference.

On verification page:

Setting up on our DNS Zone

Method 2. Uploading HTML File to the site’s root directory. You will create an HTML file on the root directory of your domain containing the filename and content of the HTML they provided.

After you have done one of these methods, click “Connect domain”, then your site is now added to Yandex.

5. Setting up MX Record

Now, time to setup MX Record. MX Record specifies a mail server responsible for the exchange of emails.
To set up this, you must go on DNS Manager of your hosting. Then follow this record.

name: @ (you can also use your naked domain eg.
Type of record: MX
Priority: 10

Congrats! Your domain is now fully connected and eligible to use the free email for custom domain by Yandex! After this you, you can now proceed to step 6.

6. Creating your first free custom email

Here we come! Now, time to create our very first email!
Just fill your desire email ID and your password. Enjoy!

Frequently Ask Questions.

Emails are landing on spam! Help!

In some cases, if you send an email to GMail and Yahoo, it is not landing to inbox, instead it’s going to the spam folder. If you’re facing this issue, just configure DKIM and SPF record. This will serve as your domain signature and will help to avoid email landing on spam folder.
To set up the DKIM and SPF record, follow this tutorial:
1. Go to

2. Locate your connected domain and click DNS Editor.

3. Find the mail._domainkey and the SPF text record. See picture for reference.

4. Copy those record to the DNS zone of your domain provider/webhosting. Done!

Mail Domain Key:

SPF Record:

Is Yandex mail safe to use?

Yes! Of course! They don’t put ads and they will never sell your information. Just like what I said earlier, they use antivirus and spam filter, so nothing to worry! They also have fewer privacy issues, they will not read or track your emails just to provide advertisement. Though I read some articles saying that Yandex is collecting information from emails and sending it to the Russian government, for me it’s not a big deal 😛. Do you have a thought about this? Then put your opinion in comment 😊.

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