Welcome to Pinoy Newbie!

It seems that curiosity hits you harder and it seems that you are dumb-founded about some stuff on this website.
Do you wanna know why did I create this site? Here are the 5 reasons why:
1.) to experience managing a blog/site (a WordPress website) ;

2.) to explore and learn new things (especially with SEO, blogging, web development, and some I.T Kinds of Stuff) ;

3.) to improve my English grammar. (As you can see there are some grammatical errors and poor sentence structure in my blog post, If there are some mistakes, please correct it and tell me straightforward because I’m willing to accept it and learn lessons from it.);

4.) to help others by sharing info and;

5.) to earn some money HAHAHA.

About this Website

Even though that I experienced creating a blog/site, I am still a “NEWBIE” exploring things to become great. As a “Filipino or Pinoy Webmaster”, I think “Pinoy Newbie” really suits as a name of this site. It sounds funny but this is the real reason behinds its name. I register this domain for merely experimental purposes but I decided to turn it into a blog. One thing you may also observe, this blog is a random blog, yes I write random stuff about technology and education, but sometimes I write on a totally random topics ­čśť.

About Website Administrator

Hi! I’m Brian Carlo, the website owner of this blog. I am a Filipino learner, web optimist, and a newbie writer who love to explore new things particularly in technology and cyber world.

About my content

This is divided into 4 categories: Blogging, Education and I.T Related Category, and the miscellaneous category.

In Blogging Category, blogging tricks, SEO tips, guides to improve your site loading speed and security and more will be provided.

The Education category will provide a summary of any story that will help the students to gain more understanding of what they have read, some useful resources such as learning materials for the K-12 learner’s here in the Philippines ( legal external download through DepEd links ) and etc.

In Tech Category, there will be some guides and tricks for computer and Android phones. Also, some tools and firmware that may help you.

So in the miscellaneous category, we are posting random stuff that is out-of-the-box in our main categories.

More categories will be added soon.

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