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There are many sellers especially on social media that selling iPhones at a very cheap and affordable price. You may notice in there description that iPhones in cheaper price are usually Factory unlocked or GPP unlocked. Now I’m here to explain what is the meaning of GPP chip, GPP unlocked iPhones and factory unlock iPhones. It may help to clear your confusions and doubt about GPP iPhones.

What is GPP Chip

GPP is a sim cloaking chip that is inserted into the sim tray of iPhone. Its function is to fake the sim ICCID which is the identity of a specific career. If you have a career lock or region lock iPhone, you can use this chip to successfully openline your device. By faking the sim ICCID through GPP, you will be able to use any SIM career on your SIMLOCKED phone without any restriction.

Difference between GPP Unlocked and Factory Unlocked iPhones

What is GPP Unlocked iPhones

GPP unlocked iPhones are those iPhones that you can buy cheaper than the original ones. But it doesn’t mean that you will categories them as a fake or imitation. These iPhones are cheaper than others because it is sometimes used in another country like Japan or Korea. Some of the units are refurbished, that means, it has a factory defect but it repaired and sell again.
Sometimes GPP phones are those iPhones that are purchased in a postpaid plan and openlined via GPP/R-sim/X-sim. This phones already have GPP chips inside so you will not be not worried about the SIM you will use.

What is Factory unlocked iPhone

In a nutshell, we will define factory unlocked iPhones as a genuine openline copy of iPhone. It is openlined permanently by the manufacturer so you can insert any SIM without using GPP. You can use this iPhone with less hassle compared to the GPP unlocked phone. Because it doesn’t have GPP, it can also survive in the latest IOS problems without any conflict. It usually cost 20,000 to 70,000 pesos or $400 to $1,400. Although the price is costly, you can buy a cheaper second-hand FU on some social media sellers.

Pros and Cons having a GPP unlocked iPhone

Having a GPP phone has a lot of disadvantages. In the list below, you will see the advantage and disadvantages of having a GPP unlocked iPhone. You may experience some of the cons listed here but it doesn’t mean that all GPP devices will encounter these problems. It also depends on the condition of your iPhone. If you’re having a GPP iPhone, please comment down the other issues that you’ve encountered in your phone :).

Pros of GPP unlock iPhones

  1. Cheaper than original
  2. You can decide what career or SIM will you insert on your phone [via editing GPP ICCID]

Cons of GPP unlock iPhones

  1. invalid sim issue
  2. SIM may not be read after an IOS updates
  3. If updates do not compatible, you will buy another GPP chip to be able to use your iPhone
  4. sometimes didn’t support LTE

Is it safe to update GPP iPhones to the latest version of IOS?

Yes! But you will notice some unexpected bugs such as signal drop [No Service], can’t connect to the data services and other SIM related problems. These bugs are common with a GPP phone. But be notified, Apple iPhone is a big business, the company will add patches and security updates that may lead to many conflicts on GPP phones. To solve this issues you can buy a newer GPP chip compatible with the latest IOS update, and that will be costly.
So before you download the update, read the update description to know what will be the changes will be implemented in the firmware.

But wait Where can I buy latest GPP LTE chip that compatible with the Update?

You can buy this chips on Public Markets and bangketas. You can also buy this chip on cellphone repair shop. Also, there are many sellers online offering and selling GPP LTE chips at a cheap rate. You can buy this chip as low as 250 pesos or $5.

If you have any correction or you want to add information about iPhone GPP, you’re free to express your thoughts by doing comment! Thank you!

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  1. leng

    i bought second hand iphone gpp unit po and nakalimutan po ng previous owner yung password ng icloud nya so hindi ko po ma log out pero is it safe po ba na idelete ko lahat ang data po?

  2. clarisse

    Globe po ‘yung carrier ng iphone6 ko, after ko siyang ireset (erase all content and setting) “Sim not supported..” na po lumalabas kahit globe sim naman po ang nakalagay. Kaya ba siyang ma-unlock ng gpp chip?

  3. Ana

    Hi! Is it safe to update po yung gpp iphones?

    1. Brian Carlo

      Yes. Safe naman po 🙂

  4. Yow

    Hi po. Pano po ba ang gagawin , na hard reset ko kasi?

  5. Nikko Pimentel

    Sabi ng nagbebenta saken mas better daw ang GPP kasi kapag Factory unlock malaki ang chance na refurbished ang Phone pero kapag GPP lalo na’t Hongkong, sure daw na Brand new???
    Tama po ba? Ano pong opinyon mo?

  6. Kenth

    Babalik po ba ang ggp ngayun sir? Kasi di daw pwede ngayon

  7. Buboy

    May available pa po bang gpp for iPhone 5G ios 10.3.3 sa market kc naka carrier unlocked po iPhone ko?thanks.

  8. Kurt

    Tanong kolang po if sakali pobang maglock yung gpp unlocked na iphone eh magagamit padin poba yung phone like makakaconmect padin poba sa wifi or locked po na dina mabubuksan yung phone?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Magagamit pa din po.

  9. Vince

    Parehas lang po ang GPP unlocked at Semi Factory unlocked??

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Hindi po. Read post po. Btw, to get semi FU, you need GPP first

  10. Joseph

    Hi just wanna ask if it is okay to insert other simcard in my iphone using GPP? Thank you.

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po.

  11. Happpy

    Yo, i recently request an open line in moa. And i believe its a GPP sim method. Isit ok for me to update my ios or turn off my iphone ? I have 0 knowledge on this gpp. So i just went ahead and let them unlock my iphone line and few minute it was done. All i received was a open line service and thats all.

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes. If it is GPP, it is safe and ok to update 🙂

  12. Kate

    Hi. My friend has an iphone po which is 2 years na and nakaplan naman. And then nareformat nya po, after that, naging sim not valid. So what to do po?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Same po ba ng network sa plan?
      Eg. Dapat yung Globe plan ay globe yung sim na gamit.

  13. Kalpot

    Pag po ba gpp pwedo ireset? Saka. Pano gawin semi fu yung mga gpp?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po. Narereset po sya

    2. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po. Narereset po sya

  14. Priam

    Paano po malalamaman kung Semi-FU oh Factory Unlock ?
    Balak ko po kasi bumili ng iPhone 5s minsan po kasi may mga ibang reseller na di matino ! Sinasabing Factory unlock yun pala e Semi-FU lang …

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Kapag nireset po ang Semi-FU, babalik carrier lock.

  15. carla

    hi ask ko lang po safe po ba na magreset ng gpp unlock phone or semi-fu iphone? ano po ang mga side effects if nireset ang semi-factory unlock

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Safe naman po.
      Ang side effect lang ng pag reset ng semi-unlock iphone is malalalock ulit ito. Need mo na po ulit gumamit ng GPP.

  16. princesses

    kapag po ba fu ang phone reset all you want na po siya?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po.

  17. arvin

    hi po.. ano po masmaganda gamitin ung semi fu or fu..my plano aco bumili ng iphone 6 plus or 7 plus brand new…

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Factory unlocked po. Ang semi-fu ay temporary Lang at pwedeng maglocked ulit pagka reset.

  18. donse

    Hi po pero nas maganda ang factory unlocked iphone na gamitin pero medto may kamahalan lang?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po. Pero alam ko po, may nabibili namang medyo mura na factory unlock kapag second hand.

  19. Jumarie Briñan

    May plano po ako bumili ng factory unlocked iphone pero naguguluhan po ako baka ito ay fake at baka if nakabili na ako during update baka may problema na after updating

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Kung nag-aalala po kayo, the first thing na dapat nyong i-check is yung mga review po ng ibang buyer bumili nadin on the same store. (If sa online stores po kayo bibili)

  20. donse

    so technically original po yung mga iphones na binebenta at gumagamit ng gpp? like rmarketing mnl sa fb they’re selling ipnones with gpp chip.hehe want to try sana.

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po. Original naman.
      Kaso depende padin po sa seller. Kung maari, tingnan nyo rin po ang reviews ng ibang buyer.

  21. Toshi

    @Pinoy Newbie

    pahingi email mo kasi bbli ako bukas ng iphone5s. hhingiin ko suggestion mo kung ano magnda at maayos at kung ano ang dpat ko i aware sa cp na to para iwas mabudol2 haha. salamat

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Email: [email protected]
      Btw, may tips naman po sa pagbili ng second hand na iPhone.

      #1 Check the IMEI of the Unit for legitability.
      ✔ *#06#. Just dial *#06# and the IMEI number will be shown immediately on the screen.
      ✔ Tap Settings > General > About to find your device’s identifiers like IMEI/MEID and serial number.
      ✔ IMEI/MEID and serial number are always printed on the barcode label that is stuck to original Apple packaging. ( See the Box if possible )
      ✔ Look at SIM card tray of your iPhone 4 or 4S. You can find there printed IMEI/MEID code and serial number. If iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus the IMEI number is engraved on the back case.

      #2 What is “Find my iPhone” and “iCloud activation lock” ( Common Problems about – ICLOUD ISSUE –
      ✔ Find my iPhone feature has been designed in order to have an ability to track your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This can be useful if your Apple device was lost or stolen.
      ✔ Icloud activation lock is closely related to Find my iPhone. Activation lock is available starting from iOS 7 and becomes active automatically in case Find My iPhone is turned on. After iCloud activation lock feature is active, you are not able to turn off Find my iPhone, sign out of iCloud on your iPhone, erase and activate the device without your Apple ID and password.
      ✔ Tap the Settings icon and select iCloud in the settings menu to see Find my iPhone/Activation lock information on your device.

      In order to avoid headache with your purchase, DO NOT BUY used Apple device if our IMEI checker shows that Find my iPhone is ON.
      (Credits: Lee Ann Flores Arellano – ‎Support Apple Philippines (Group for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS))

  22. Toshi

    @Pinoy Newbie.

    pde ko po ba mkuha email nyo? kasi bbli ako bukas ng iphone5s. hhingi ako ng suggestion kung ano maayos na iphone5s. wag yung orig kasi mahal haha. waiting for your reply

  23. Jes18Virgin

    why is it mas mura ang GPP unlocked iphone?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Mas mura po ito dahil sa tunay, naka-lock pa sa isang network yung iphone mo. Nilagyan lang ng GPP para openline 🙂

  24. ma. roma galia

    tnx a lot..now im finally decided to buy FU iphone though mas mahal kaysa GPP..

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Welcome po 😀

  25. judz

    pano po gagawen pag nag setting sa wifi sa iphone 5s nag kulay gray na siya.hinde na po ma on my paraan po ba para maka connect sa wifi

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      WiFi IC po ata ang sira dyan sir/mam. Maybe nasira yung wifi chip o kumawang lang yung hinang sa loob. Pwede nyo po sya paayos sa technician.

  26. Anne

    Paano naman po kapag semi fu daw po pero openline na daw po yon? It’s included sa GPP or to factory unlocked na talaga siya?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Temporary openline po. It uses ICCID bug para makagamit ng ibang sim/network without the help of GPP. Hindi po sya totally unlocked, kasi once na ni-reset nyo po ang Iphone nyo, babalik na ulit ito sa pagiging carrier locked, at kelangan nyo na po ulit gumamit ng GPP Chip.

  27. ragnar

    ano po ba kaibahan ng gpp chip at r-sim?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      RSIM air vs GPP sim

      RSIM Air :
      R-Sim unlock method is get the phone to work on any GSM carrier that uses a sim card. It is in the sim card slot that you put your sim card in. The card works fine, however if you update your phone there is a chance the unlock will reset and not work. 
      -setup menu has 4 modes: must choose Mode2 or Mode3 prior to selecting carrier.
      -switching SIMs requires new setup menu
      -supports 3G/HSPA+ as long as correct mode is chosen(Mode3 with jailbreak; Mode3 without jailbreak).
      Good for people who just want texting, iMessage, and calling. Note that US users can still use 3G data by choosing Mode2.

      * Patchable
      * Durable
      * You can reinsert sim tray as many as you like but please handle it with care.
      * plug & Play
      * Supported all networks
      * supported all basebands
      * Supported all Ios Versions
      * Supports from Iphone 4S up to 6S/6S+

      * Need to buy another RSim for Older versions
      * Need to buy for patches (CDMA phones only – some confirms it is needed to buy. Some are not)
      * Postpaid and LTE sims not available
      * No USSD codes (example: *143#, *121#)

      GPP Sim (main type)
      GPP is a micro chip that is manufactured to fit in users iPhones (NON-BLACKLISTED) to unlock it.
      -easy setup menu, usually preconfigured
      -switching SIMs does not require new setup
      -supports 3G/HSPA+
      SMS out not supported without jailbreak outside USA, only on US carriers.

      * Plug and Play

      * Postpaid and LTE sims not available
      * No USSD codes (example: *143#, *121#)

      GPP SIM(modified version):
      -same as Mode3 of RSIM Air; allows 2G data without jailbreak on Verizon/Sprint.
      -not recommended for users who have access to jailbreak.

      I recommend GPP for most users due to simplicity(one mode). Note that Sprint/Verizon jailbreak should be used on stock micro SIMs for 3G functionality.

      – Aljon Angelo Gonzales

  28. Veronica E. Dave

    My 5S is GPP unlocked in the phils few weeks ago kci am now in Vietnam now for work and i used it to roam my smart number. can i use vietnam local sim on my 5s? gagana kaya? thanks in advance sa reply!

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Try it 🙂

  29. Yanyan

    Hi. Possible ba na mag-work pa din ang GPP chip kahit may luma na akong sim then nagpalit ako ng sim pero same gpp tray? Thanks

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Pwede po.

  30. Vincent

    pano po malalaman kung GPP or Factory unlocked ang iphone?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Madali lang po. Sa SIM tray ng GPP unlocked ay may gold plate na nakakabit (yun po yung GPP). Kapag wala po, ibig sabihin, openlined na po talaga ang IPhone na nabili nyo 🙂

  31. deedee

    ano po mas safe gawin? ipa-open line or gumamit ng gpp?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      If sa tehnicians lang po kayo magpapa unlocked ng Iphone nyo, tingin ko po mas safe pa na gumamit nalang po kayo ng GPP.

  32. Eynn

    Safe pa din naman gamitin ang iphone Gpp unlocked? no any doubt sa sim na gagamitin? Di naman sya magkukusang mag open line . thankyou

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes po. Safe naman po gamitin ang GPP 🙂

  33. Quennie

    Pano po gagawin pag nag “Sim not valid”

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Sometimes SIM not valid occurs when you put an unsupported SIM on the carrier locked phone. Maybe po mam, hindi po openline ang Iphone nyo para magamit sa ibang network. If unlocked po yan or hindi kayo sure kung openline yan, try to call the seller/carrier kung saan nyo po nabili yan. If it is GPP unlocked, try nyo po i-restart tapos reinsert yung SIM at GPP.

  34. hobi

    Either gpp or factory unlocked, will it have the same features an original iphone has? Like how the app store apple id icloud works, the camera MPs, etc?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Yes sir :).

  35. Durbin

    Thanks to this thread, Just bought a second hand iPhone 5s gpp.XD

  36. Kai

    Hi, is there any way to make your phone Factory Unlocked permanently aside from GPP chip?

  37. Sule

    Can I do a factory unlock while using the chip?

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Hi Sule! Factory unlock is different from using a GPP chip. But yes, you can unlock your iPhone by using a GPP.
      If your iPhone is already open to use another carrier/network, you don’t need a chip.

  38. miguel renzo aquino

    this is a very helpful blog, thank you so much

    1. Pinoy Newbie

      Thank you for appreciating my blog 🙂

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