K-12 Learning Modules Direct PDF Downloads

K-12 Learning Modules Direct PDF Downloads

Education is very vital to everyone because it is the key that will help us to achieve our dreams and build a better future. Throughout the years, there are plenty of changes happen in the education system of the Philippines. Last 2015, the significant change occurs in the Philippines curriculum as the government implemented the K-12 curriculum system. In K-12 Curriculum, instead of going to the college after four years of high school, there are two additional high school years to be done to accomplish the secondary education. And in K-12 curriculum, the learning modules are introduced…

These learning materials are the new textbooks that will replace the old ones in the old curriculum. Additionally, it can help K-12 Learners to improve their performance at school. Learnings modules are just like an activity sheet as it contains many activities to be done by students. Unlike the old textbooks, these learning materials are focus on the skills and performance of the learners rather than a lot of information to be memorized.

The links below are direct Google Drive soft copy links (PDF) of the learning materials/modules (LM). It doesnโ€™t contain any link shorteners so you can download them easily for educational purpose. Just click on the highlighted links and you will automatically be redirected to the download page (GDrive).

Araling Panlipunan Learning Modules (AP LM)

Grade 7 Araling Panlipunan Learning module

Grade 9 Araling Panlipunan Learning Module – Ekonomiks

Grade 10 Araling Panlinan LM – Kontemporaryong Isyu

Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Learning Modules

Here are the ESP LM’s that will help you mold your good characteristics and develop your values.

Grade 7 Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao Learning Module (ESP LM)

Grade 10 Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao Learning Module (ESP LM)

English Learning Modules

Grade 8 English LM

Grade 8 English – Download

Grade 9 English Learning Module

Grade 10 English Learning Module

English 10 – Download Unit 1 | Unit 2 |ย Unit 3 | Unit 4

Filipino Learning Modules

Grade 7 Filipino Learning Modules

Grade 10 Filipino Learning Module (LM)

Mathematics Learning Modules

Practice your math skills using the modules below! Learn new formulas, solve new problems and enjoy math with your friends!

Grade 7 Math Learning Modules

Grade 8 Math Learning Modules

Grade 9 Math Learning Module

Grade 10 Mathematics Learning Module (LM)

Science Learning Modules

Science is full of new discoveries. To start exploring science, here are the learning modules you can use as a learning tool.

Grade 8 Science Modules

  • Grade 8 Science LM – Download

Grade 9 Science Modules

  • G9 Science Learning Module – Download

Grade 10 Science Module


Grade 7 Music, Arts, PE and Health

Grade 8 MAPEH LM

Grade 9 MAPEH LM

Grade 10 Music and Arts – Download

Grade 10 PE and Health – Download

Disclaimer: We do not own the download links, if there is a copyrights issue, please contact me by email or in our Contact Page. You can also contact the persons who first shared those links (Pnoytalk, DepEdTambayan). We shared these learning modules for EDUCATIONAL purpose only.





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